Q. What is KRAFTKA?

A. The world’s first crowd-sourced fashion brand, KRAFTKA is determined not by a single person’s vision, but from the collective vision of the world.

Q. What can I actually do with KRAFTKA?

A. Right now, KRAFTKA gives you the online tools to create and order your own sneakers, discover and order sneakers by other users around the world. If you choose, you can turn your creativity into cash by selling your designs to other users, and track your sales in real time.


Q Can I receive KRAFTKA sneakers?

Yes, we can reach you almost anywhere on the planet. If you can receive mail, then you can receive KRAFTKA sneakers!

Q. Do KRAFTKA sneakers come in my size?

A. It’s very likely that we have your feet covered! Our first model, The Sputnik, is available in EUR 36-46, US 3.5-12 and UK 2.5-11. Click here to see the size chart.  

Q. Where are KRAFTKA sneakers made?

A. KRAFTKA products are truly international. Our first sneaker is made in China, customized in Thailand, and designed by creative people, like you, all around the world. 

Q How long will it take for my sneakers to arrive?

Every single pair of KRAFTKA sneakers is made to order with a processing time of 5 working days. Depending on your location, it could take anywhere from 6-25 days for your shoes to arrive using standard shipping.

Q. How do I return a wrong or defective item?

A. If, for any reason, your order isn’t exactly what you expected, please email us at [email protected] and include a picture of the wrong or defective item. This will help us to verify the mistake and take care of it right away. Please note that the image position on your sneakers may vary by as much as 2 - 5% due to nature of our printing process. 

Q. Oops! Is it too late to cancel my order?

A. We start building your shoes the same day that you order them, but as long as your order has not been processed, we can cancel it and refund you. Just be sure to email us pronto at [email protected] 


Q. How much will a pair of KRAFTKA sneakers cost me?

A. Our pioneering release, The Sputnik, is just USD 89. 

Q. Can I really make money with KRAFTKA?

Yes, indeedy. Every time another user buys a pair of shoes that you’ve designed and posted in the SHOP, you’ll receive USD 10 that you can send to your bank account or use to buy more KRAFTKA sneakers of your own. Paypal and transfer fees will be deducted from your total commission.

Q. How often will I get paid?

A. KRAFTKA will send you payment once-a-month via PayPal. 

Q. How do I know how many sneakers I have sold? 

A. Simply check the KOLLECT page. You can view your sales in real-time and see where in the world your customers are located.


Q. Who can create their own KRAFTKA sneakers?

A. Absolutely anyone! Simply go to our Kreate page to get started.

Q. How many sneakers can I create?

A. As a new user, you can create and share two pairs of sneakers. To make more, you will need to gain a higher rank.


Q. What is ranking for?

A. The ranking system is a way of rewarding the most active community members. The more time you spend with KRAFTKA, the more features will become unlocked for you. 

Q. How do I gain a higher rank?

A. You can gain a higher rank by interacting with your fellow artists, accumulating followers and selling pairs of sneakers. 

Q. How do I know what my rank is?

A. Your rank is visible on your profile page, with an icon under your profile picture.


Q. Are you able to reproduce highly detailed colors and gradients?

A. We can, through state-of-the-art DTG technology.

Q. Are there any restrictions to the sneakers I can create?

A. If you own the images you have uploaded, then there are no problems. Please avoid uploading copyright or offensive images.

Q. What kind of image files should I be uploading?

A. For best results, your images should be 2400 x 1700 pixels 300dpi, with an image size limit of 10-megabytes. Any white-coloured areas will use the shoe canvas's natural colour rather than white ink.

Q. How long does it take for my design to appear in the store?

A. Your design appears instantly. You can edit or remove it anytime. 


Q. Who owns the sneaker designs I create?

A. You own 100% of the rights to your design. You maintain ownership of any images that you have produced and uploaded.

Q. Can I remove my designs from the SHOP at anytime?
A. Yes, you can add or delete your sneakers whenever you like. Your digital shelf is your own.

Q. Who owns the rights to my KRAFTKA sneakers?

A. You maintain ownership of any images that you have produced and uploaded.


Q: I am a re-seller or agency, and am interested in buying KRAFTKA shoes wholesale. Can I sell them on my own website?
A. Yes, you can. Contact us at [email protected] for pricing options. We are happy to connect you with KRAFTKA artists for a wholesale purchase.


Q: Can I order my designs on other types of apparel?
A. Not at the moment, but there are plans in the works for additional models of KRAFTKA sneakers, and we hope to expand beyond footwear in the near future to offer you a full range of user-designed, custom-made clothing and accessories.